How to add a new member

Member data is stored in team.yml file which is located in _data folder. You can add a new member by adding lines of information.

Here is a screenshot of a member information example

member example

Here is the code.

- name: "Je-Hoon Song, PhD"
    role: "CTO"
    email: ""
    photo: ""
    description: "Je-Hoon’s dream is to digitalize therapeutics based on systems biology, enabling scientific knowledges to be integrated for drug discovery. Armed with chemical informatics, machine learning, and systems biology, Je-Hoon developed NetTargets' research platform. He believes that interpretable predictions using platform technology will enable more collaboration among researchers, researchers and computers, and ultimately will lead to the discovery of novel drugs. Je-Hoon is engaged in defining NetTargets' solutions and technologies and in leading research projects and development initiatives to advance the company's mission."
    link_type: "LinkedIn"
    link_url: ""  

name and academic degree

Member name and relevant academic degrees


Member role


Member email


Member story

Type of link url which can be “LinkedIn” or “Web”

A url link to the detailed infomation of the member