How to add a news post

All news posts are stored in _posts directory as files which are formated using Liquid and Markdown. A new news post can be added by adding a new file which should be properly formatted as a news post otherwise the jekyll build process will be crashed and new changes won’t be deployed as a result. You can refer old news posts as a template.

Failed build process will be notified via email but oftentimes the cause of the error is not provided. So, be careful to change the format.

Here are screenshots of a sample news post.

News card example

News example

Here is the code.

layout: "news"
title: "NetTargets invited to present as a promising startup at LG Bio-science forum"
excerpt: "NetTargets, a KAIST spin-out company, presented its world-leading Systems Biology technologies for drug development at LG Bio-science Forum."
date: Sep 19, 2019
author: "NetTarget Inc."
categories: ["news","featured_news"]
image: /assets/img/photos/bio-science-forum.jpg



Required and must be “news”


Required. It appears on news cards and a detailed page as a title


Required. It appears on news cards as a summary






Required. It can be optionally marked as a featured_news which will have a red “featured” sticker on the top right.


Optional. An image appears on news cards and detailed pages. The image file should be uploaded in /assets/img/ folder