NetTargets will virtually present at Biotech showcase 2023.

NetTargets Inc.

01 Dec 2022

AI-enhanced Systems Biology for Drug Development

Jongho Baek, PhD, CEO, presented NetTargets virtually at Biotech Showcase 2023 conference on January 09th, 2023 at 2:00 pm PST.

In this presentation, he presented NetTargets technologies, “AI-enhanced Systems Biology”.
*Presentation video link : [LINK]

NetTargets’ key technology is to elucidate biological mechanisms based on biological network analysis along with dynamics approaches. With analyses of biological networks, our approach can identify novel therapeutic targets and validate target associations for a given disease.

NetTargets constructs a biomolecular regulatory network to reveal the underlying mechanism that includes all the hidden feedback/crosstalk by AI-enhanced systems biology methodology. We generate the mathematical/computational network model that enables dynamic analysis with experimental data input.

This approach could tackle the low productivity issue in the pharmaceutical industry by producing more feasible/promising targets and drug candidates.

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