NetTargets collaborates with trusted partners to better understand designated biological phenomena demystifying hidden mechanism and develop better medicine fast.


Drug repurposing

NetTargets utilizes AI-enhanced systems biology for drug repurposing to dramatically shorten the drug discovery process. We construct drug-disease network (DDN) by considering all interactions between drug targets such as disease-related genes and proteins in the context of all known signaling pathways.

Control strategy analysis

Single or multiple nodes (genes, proteins, etc.) on the constructed model are perturbed to identify right strategy to control diseases or unwanted physiological conditions. Provided that quantitative experimental data and qualitative data (eg. relevant biological context) are given, the control strategy analysis leads the optimized drug discovery.

Mechanism of action analysis

AI-enhanced systems biology uncovers new insights that you have never had before. Reasonless faith is dangerous. Same in pharmaceutical industry. AI-enhanced system biology helps us figure out the wiring and function of the underlying system.

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